It’s night and

The evening is close to extension and then morning will arrive to carry the dark to the sunrise part of the morning.  I hope to make up for some of the non-sleep time that I have had today.  It has been a long time since 1:30 AM.

It’s night and I am going to bed.

Laptop came home

It was released from the computer hospital about noon today.  It is fast and smart.  It is a few years old but now smarter and wiser than ever before.  I have sat up the MS Business version of Office 365 on it and just click the app and bang it is there ready to go.

I have many plans for it but I need to be wise about how I load it up.  I shall move on into life with smarts of technology at hand.

Sleep or tired

I have not been asleep since the wake up of 1:30 AM this morning,  I really do not feel tired either but I am sure if I get still long enough I will shut my eyes and away I shall go into never-never land.  I do think I will relax enough to let that happen today, but maybe tonight I will sleep more.  Again I may one sleep a little and zombie tomorrow.

I received the call

The computer doctor called and said that the laptop was ready and gave me the cost, but said he was about to lunch and I told him that I would be there afternoon.  I went over and paid the fee, checked it out, and we talked a bit then I departed and now back home.  I have to download some of my prize programs to really evaluate how it will perform.

It is hot out, no breeze but plenty of sun.

We have a Mother’s day

We have a Mother’s day this coming month, within a couple of weekends.  I guess I will have to get some flowers and place at my mother’s headstone.  I have grand memories of her as she raised me and cared for me as she did.  I tried to return some love to her when she was so down with the strokes and other ailments of which she suffered.  I personally think all mothers should be celebrated for what the do to raise their young.  Now I must also say they are some out there that do not deserve it but they are few.