A good movie

I am sure many will remember the Death Wish series, well I saw one today that Bruce Willis was playing Kersey and it was very good.  I never knew that he had done one of the shows. It is called Death Wish as was the first in the series.

I am not sure if I will watch another one tonight or not.  I may watch something short.  I have no major issues tomorrow so I will be active.  I will also get my laptop back from the shop tomorrow,  I had to reset it and then I decided to change the hard drive to an SSD and it will have 220 Gig and an upgrade of RAM from 4 G to 8 G.  I hope it will be worth the $310 plus tax.

A funny thing happened

Well, I think it to be funny because it happened to me today.  I was on a site that I have and I have been having problems with it, but today I was elsewhere I do not remember exactly where and there it was something that I sent out.  I felt better at least the content is actually getting out and published.  It was only a test-message, but that means the others will get out.  None of my sites are as good as this one and the people here are amazing and so very nice.  Slowly I will be at home on all three of them.  I have been neglecting Blogger and Typepad.  I am sure that I am not missed.

Another day of beautiful weather

A mild wind, bright sunshine, and no rain in sight bring a smile to my face.  Shiny cars out the window spreading light into the windows ever so bright.  I have the blinds open and all lights off, currently washing clothes, and the AC on a high temp, therefore, saving power.  Comfort is the name of the game.

A common history of over 2000 years

A video on YouTube covering a history of more than 2000 years, common to all nations and genders of the world.  The investigator visited many countries and historical sites with a vested interest in the toilet and how it was used by the many.  Some things I can relate to is the outdoor one and two holes of toilets and the catalog.  I also experienced many variables of the same in my travels.  I really have never thought much about it until I viewed the video and I can think it is a worthy invention.  Something to think about.