Wow, my format has changed

I have finished my day’s activities and I think I may be ready for bed.  I will find out soon.  Some of the things that I have been doing is learning various ways of photography as in wildlife, flowers, bees, and various other ways.  Now I hope to shortly journey and try some of it out.

The morning will soon be here so I need to adjust my night accordingly.

Busy I have been

I have been busy with so many things that I have missed being on here each day.  Today I had to go and get the first injection of my Shingrix 50MCG, I will receive the second injection 6/24/19.  On 4/12/19 I received the Pneumovax 23 injection.  I asked if I should get the Measles vaccine and she said she would not at this time.  My laptop died and it is now in the computer hospital for an upgrade and reset.  It will be a bad one when I get it back.

I also have not felt 100% these last few days but better today.  I received the biopsies update back today and the results were good and nothing new to be concern about.