Slide Rule


I was talking about my slide rule.


I have YouTube on one computer-TV hookup and I am here doing this.  YouTube is about photography but I have seen it before.

I am not even listening to it right now anyway.  I suspect the readers wished I was and off of here. lol, My phone received a notification and my left arm begun to vibrate, the watch is tied into the phone.  I have two phones and two watches, life is crazy around me.


My visit

My doctor visit went well on Thursday, he told me that what he has heard I was doing well in the control of my medical problems and that I should continue the routine that I have been doing and all should be ok.  I have to go back in August for another visit.  I asked him to give me a full battery of labs so it would give him the information he needed and the other doctors needs also.  So I did labs with him.

My visit was a good one.

Another beautiful day

The sun is bright, bugs having fun, bees diving toward you, and the warm has returned.  lol, I just saw a nat in the house.  Of course, tomorrow some rain is predicted and even more the next day.

As for myself, doing well today.

My Amazon came today.

I also received the Slide Rule that I sent for on eBay.  It is a Keuffel & Esser Co., the book is copyrighted in 1930.  I used one when I was in school.  I remember very little about it.


It continues

I posted about my security camera, A funny thing happened, it continues every time I leave the room.  Maybe it is lonely?  I call it Robo Cam.  It is an indoor-outdoor camera.  It will record a video that I can view on my phones.  I have been 30 miles from home and took my phone and scanned my room for the fun of it.  The night vision from it is very good and clear.  I am able to talk to it and hear speak from it also.   I guess I could disable the notification switch on my phones and I would have no problems.  I will eventually.