Returning home

As we, my son and I, left the procedure building  We went to McDonald’s as I was so hungry and thirsty.  After arriving home, I attempted to get up to date on my day’s medication and Cal levels.  I began to feel very drained and finally after cooling the apartment down I began to feel better.  I did do a number of mg/d test and since it is almost bedtime, and I need it also,  I now have a level which is safe for me to catch up.

Returning home is awesome, however, scary at the same time.

I am moving forward

I am now moving forward into a new adventure. I went for my procedure today, the doctor completed both the EDG and the colonoscopy and I woke from the sedation.  My son and I stopped by McDonald’s and I ate and drank a large soft drink.  He also ate at my expense, of course, lol.  I did make it back home, now washing some clothes, I did consider taking a nap but I thought against it.

The doctor told me that he removed 3 polyps and for me to return in three years for some more fun and games.  I have been cold all day even if I have the temperature set at 76°.

In an hour and a half, I will restart my medications.  I hope to begin to feel better real soon.  I am so drained.

I am not sure

I have been thinking into the past while I await the movement to the procedure.  I did finally get a couple of hours of sleep.  I still feel like ????

Back to what I am not sure of and that is the exact date that I stopped.  It was sometime in 1995 that I woke from a katzenjammer and I said no more so I quit drinking that day.  I do recall the worse katzenjammer ever when I stopped drinking soft drinks for a week, just water I said, I tried so many things to get rid of the hangover, finally, a coke did it for me.  I am not sure of any dates.

Sunday past, ouch!

Sunday was established to rest not to be in agony.  Due to the procedures today, a Monday, I had to spend the day prepping for the Monday.  I thought I was ready for it, not! so I had all of the stuff that I needed to prep until I read the paper guide again.  I can’t eat anything, I have to drink clear liquids, now when did tea and coffee become clear?  I used the medications that I was to take to prepare me for the procedure,  My sugar started going down, even below 98 mg/dL  I drank the prep medication and my sugar went to over 219 mg/dL.  I do not take medication for diabetes unless I can eat, I do not like to be hypoglycemic.  I now can’t sleep, so I am up saying hello to nice people.  I guess I can go to sleep today, Monday, at 9 AM.

Sunday past, ouch, no rest, but agony.