A day so crazy

I woke this AM and after I returned home from eating I began my wait for some items that I ordered from Amazon.  I drove up to the office and she had two packages for me and I returned home and opened them.  One was supplies that I use when I do my shots, the other was a box which I opened and it was the filter packages for my camera.  I have not tried any of them yet but soon.  I figured that what was suppose to arrive had arrived so I drove over to the Walgreens Drug Store.  I was given a prescription for two shots one a new pneumonia vaccine and the other was a shingles vaccine also a new one.  They had the pneumonia vaccine so I received it.  I have to check back with them for the other vaccine at the end of the month.  I returned back home and was watching videos about photography and became lazy.  I also found another package at my door when I got here.  I opened it and it was three lenses that I had ordered of which was not suppose to be delivered until next week.  All of my orders are not complete.

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