The time is approaching

The time is approaching for me to hit the bed again.  I have been sleeping very good the last few nights and I hope that will continue.  I was asked yesterday at the doctor’s office how good do I sleep, and if I am satisfied with what sleep I am getting.  I answered them with a yes and I get all the sleep that I need.  It is some yearly exam that the doctors are required to do for our Social Security programs.

A look into a school

In short, I am going to look into a school of photography online if possible.  It will be something to do,  I have tried the YouTube videos and so many of them really know their stuff.  It is not a way to learn because they are time limited in what they can do and I am not saying that I have not gained knowledge from them because I have.  I would just like to have it under my belt for the sake of it.

A non-working 52″ TV

Back last year, some may recall, my big TV was having problems working.  I have it sitting at the door right now to go to the trash.  I thought about trying to repair it, even though I am qualified in electronics I am not sure I would be able to repair it.  I think the power supply came loose inside the casing.  I will think on it for a while longer and decide if I want to tackle the repairs or not.

Visitors came over

Last evening some friends dropped by and visited for a few hours, they also wanted to use my computer to update their resume’s.  Actually, we did not visit that much because they did the work on their resume.  I gave them my old microwave, it still worked but I had bought a new one and I am now using it.

So I had visitors that came over last evening.

Today’s weather

Happy Bird was singing at 5 AM today.  It has been a very nice day, but they say rain again tomorrow and I believe Sunday.  That is ok, I have no reason to be out in it either day.  The old saying is that “April showers will bring May flowers”,  that will be nice if we have some beauty around instead of the pollen.  The birds and the bees can do their job before summer.  I think the birds have already built their nest and found their mates for the summer.  The bees and Bumble Bees have drilled a nest in the trees or the wood around homes, they also have been known to drill and live in the ground.

Today’s weather was nice.