The acknowledgments

Today, while at breakfast, a couple came in to eat and the male spoke to me and thanked me for my service in the military.  He was in a powered wheelchair.  He said he was in the Green Berets in View Nam.  He drove their van in and parked it in the handicap parking facility.  I began to thank a minute about the fact that I had not been nice to a brother at arms in a while, so I paid for their breakfast, it was $21. tip and all.  I felt good about my act of kindness and they appreciated it.

Later, I had to go to the post office to mail a flat to file my taxes.  I was talking to a little old lady about some of the old days.  As I was leaving, she also Thanked me for my service and I shook her hand and thanked her.

You know of the four of us, I do not believe that either of us was hurt by our actions and/or out acknowledgments.  Kindness never hurts the giver or the receiver.