Robo calls and Junk mail

With my cable service, I received internet, phone, and TV.  I finally deleted the TV service and had the phone blocked from any incoming calls, I can, however, call out without a problem.  The internet was more important to me than either of the other two services.

Now my beef about robocalls and junk mail is just this: I am paying for these services so what gives others the right to call me about insurance for vehicles that I do not have, life insurance, and other things that are of no use to me.  Now for junk mail, I am not paying for the postal service to deliver mail to me, but so many organizations tend to use it as an advertisement source and send me and others mail that we take out of the box and place in the trash.  It is a waste of paper, ink, and bothersome to the many that receive this junk.  It is their money, my junk and I trash it.

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