I hope to

I hope to with a couple of opusculum begin the day by posting starting now.

Today, another day of rain, I can say that I’ve really accomplished nothing so far.  I have been learning about the camera lens.  The art of photophysics and how light reacts to a different lens is interesting.  In school, I never really grasped the concept, but today I tend to understand it more.  Maybe it is from the knowledge learned while in the Navy when I was working with the acoustics of sound under the water.  They are similar in many ways.  The Hubble telescope is another complicated instrument of optic design.  I think of it as a genius of mankind that it was sent into space to evaluate and send back to earth in real time what it may see.  Exploration of the heavens will contribute beneficial knowledge back to mankind to benefit in medical and so many other life’s needs.

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