Facebook I posted

I prepared a couple of video post for Facebook.  I hardly go there any longer, but I do send video comments to say hello and how I am doing.  My cousin was to get together for lunch or dinner sometime soon.  I made two videos for posting and I will send the other one out at some later day.  I have not seen her in a while and I think her daughter has a birthday this month.

So to Facebook I posted a video.

I am going to say

I am going to say something nice about a meal that I just microwaved.  It is a Healthy Choice, Cafe’ Steamer®, Beef Merlot, it is a 180 calories meal.  I eat a lot of these kinds of meals and I really like this one.  I do not say nice things like often but I figured that I would this time.  It is a good meal for 4.5 minutes of microwaving.

I am about to enjoy it now that it has cooled a bit.

I did go to

I did make the adventure to the next stage of an interest of mine.  Well, before I express my opinion of my internet adventure of which I write, let me say the rain, however, lite is still rain so I invested my time to YouTube’s photographic section and had a good and long presentation of landscape photography.  It was a good presentation in many parts and descriptions until the presenter started to tear up over the views.  They were awesome views of different parts of the world.  I am interested in that kind of art and also that of macro-photography of flowers, insects, and other views.  So yes, I did go to YouTube for a while today.

Order complete

The groceries were ordered this morning by the internet, delivered within two hours without any problems.  The rain is trying to drop by for a visit, today, I really do not care.  I am feeling good for the most part today, I updated my calendar with doctors and labs through June.  As normal, the news is disgusting.  I will find something else to look at, maybe some YouTube.  The order is complete.