I watched

A short I watch a YouTube show, fairly long, about how the pyramids were related around the world and about what kind of math they used to design and cut those large stones to build it.  The engineers were saying that we could do it today with machines but not like they did it back when.  It took a lot of manpower and smarts from someone.   They also said that if the world ended now the pyramids would still be around.  Some things on YouTube are interested and informational but others are not.

I am not sure

I am not sure if rain is called for tonight, if it does, it will, if not, it will not.  What is on my agenda for tomorrow?  So far I have no idea if anything at all will happen.  I may order some groceries, not sure just yet.  I know Thursday I have a doctor’s appointment, and on the following Monday, I have a procedure at the Gastro.

A day of interest

Today has been a day of interest for me.  I woke and rosed up for the morning to do nothing but to just sit in the recliner.  I had no TV, radio or anything else on the bother me.  As a result of me and the recliner being united for the morning, I am lost in space for what might have happened.  The afternoon has been a little busy, things like washing clothes, packing some camera supplies and equipment.  I supplied the fridge with some drinks and cleaned inside the fridge in order to cause it to feel better.  It is my bedtime and I am not even ready for it.