The light is now fading

The light is now fading and the evening is approaching.  I hope to rest well tonight as I did last night.  I am sure I will have the sleep that I need.  I have no plans for tomorrow right now, I am not going nowhere and maybe not even Monday and Tuesday.

I will be working on the computers for a short while tonight.  I think I have the task at hand in order.  It is nothing major, I just want to work on a short video for about 15 to 30 minutes.  What will I be doing with it?  I do not know yet.  We’ll see.

Comforting activity

Comforting activity has risen to the occasion and I am feeling much better.  I have been also watching the series of Star Trac the Next Generation.  Yes, it is lacking the mojo of the first series but it is still interesting many of which I have never seen.  Of course, as my interest is on a Star Ship, I am at home with either.

The Weather has been great today, I actually saw some bees today.  They were working as bees should.  I did not have my camera when I saw them or I would have some photos of them at work.  Nature, a great subject.

A day of change

Today I have engaged two computers, a laptop, and a desktop by removing information from an external hard drive of which is to be forwarded to the cloud.  One hard drive is 4t and the other one is 1T.  It has been a long process, some more effort is necessary to complete the mission.  I will have some time now to be here for a few updates.  I ate some more bar nuts, a dumb idea on my part.  I feel a little discomfort right now.  I will be ok it will just take a bit.