What is it

A child goes to school today and returns home later during the day. Mom asked him what did he learn today?  His reply is well we learned that we should have free stuff like lunches, college, medical advantages, incomes equal to others, and if we do not want to work we will still receive a check.  In the meantime, another viewpoint of this is being programmed into others.

Artificial Intelligent is massive as a program.  The experimenters are preparing programs of all history, grammar, science, and so on into a program and this program will be provided to an adult robot with plastic skin, wigs, nice bodies, and has the ability to rationalize answers to questions asked them by the experimenters and others.  They, also when completed construction, will be able to run a household, a job position, a combat mission.  They may or may not at some point in their existence ask for pay.  The child in para one was taught a dream but also artificial.  The robot is taught truisms and at this stage of its life, no pay is asked for.

So what is artificial intelligence?

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