As I ascend to bed

The evening is about gone, the dark remains till mid-morning and then who knows.  As I ascend to bed, I think of tomorrow and what I might do, weather permits.  I do not dwell on the past as I can not change it.  If I recall correctly, they are calling for more rain tonight and maybe tomorrow.  At least the pollen will hide in a secluded place.

I think if I slept in the recliner tonight I might sleep better but I need to make use of the beds otherwise, why have them?

As I ascend to bed.

What is it

A child goes to school today and returns home later during the day. Mom asked him what did he learn today?  His reply is well we learned that we should have free stuff like lunches, college, medical advantages, incomes equal to others, and if we do not want to work we will still receive a check.  In the meantime, another viewpoint of this is being programmed into others.

Artificial Intelligent is massive as a program.  The experimenters are preparing programs of all history, grammar, science, and so on into a program and this program will be provided to an adult robot with plastic skin, wigs, nice bodies, and has the ability to rationalize answers to questions asked them by the experimenters and others.  They, also when completed construction, will be able to run a household, a job position, a combat mission.  They may or may not at some point in their existence ask for pay.  The child in para one was taught a dream but also artificial.  The robot is taught truisms and at this stage of its life, no pay is asked for.

So what is artificial intelligence?

A few…then a doze

The rain has dissipated, the light is now on, a very slight breeze, and I am now illusioned into a different aspect of life.  I am awake.  A few bar nuts, then a doze and now a motion in life.

As a person, I have a lot of dreams and thoughts, many are realistic others are brummagem.  I would think it is just me but I am sure that many others can meet the same qualifications of thought also.

A few bar nuts, then a doze so am I also a nut?

The rain

The rain, as I welcomed the bed last evening, was already pitter-pattering at my window.  I became sleepless at approximately 2 AM, I rose and decided to test my sugar and BP at that time.  The BP was good, the mg/dl was high.  I moved to the living room and sit on my recliner and laid it back and lightly dozed off for a couple of hours.  At 4:45 AM I retested my sugar and the mg/dl was much lower but high for the standard.

Now at 8:44 AM the rain is still pitter-pattering and the pollen is low thanks to the rain.