Nice to have the option

It is nice to have the option to change the channels of programs on TV, radio, and other means of knowledge cramming devices of today.  The many educated individuals that attended schools to party and socialize, not to learn common sense now running for office in our Government.  I have tried to listen to some of them and they are so boring and immature in their goals,  we deserve much better.  It is not only the United States as so many others are in the same boat.

It is nice to have the option.

Back when

Back in years past, some still do it, the cowboy would strap his 6-shooter and ties to his leg, set the saddle on his trusted friend the horse, and they would mount for a day of hard work bring the cattle off the range.  When it was time for them to move out they would sometime yell or just rowel the horse letting the horse know it was time to do it.

I hate that I missed those days, but life can be fun and challenging regardless of what one does for fun or livelihood.  You just have to enjoy what is offered to you for the times in which you live.  It is good and bad at every turn in life.  Back when I would dream of the old west, I would ask why am in the east?

For those that

Within life, we have many people who are so angered within themselves that they are not able to accept what is, and work within an organization.  I will not pick on any area because, in fact, it is within all areas of life.  We have those that are always causing trouble, Goad, a negative action to enjoin a reaction of another.  If they have no respect for themselves then how can they expect any respect from others?

For those that goad, please take the next rocket to MARS.

The dark of morning

The dark of morning is about to merge into the morning light.  With hope maybe I will hear Happy Bird today.  He may sing of an abundance of food that he can enjoy as we have the influx of insect now.  The pollen has fallen and it needs to be gathered and distributed.  Nature’s cycle is amazing how flawless it works, do we not wish the Governments could perform so productively?  Oh, what we can learn from little animals and insect if we would just watch them perform their duties.