A day of sunshine

Today, a day of sunshine and comfort so now I am now off to a good start. The pollen does not seem to be so heavy today and that is a good thing. A good start doing what? Nothing yet, just a dream for today. I missed Happy Bird this morning, I really do not remember how I did that. When I hear the songs of Happy Bird I am able to relax. I think I am hitting and missing right now and I guess I am a bit rusty. I will lubricate my brain and then maybe the words will flow in an orderly manner to assemble some content of understanding.

Last evening I was asked by a friend to meet with him today and help him with setting up his new phone. I met him this morning and he never said anything else about it. He did take it out and called someone but never said he had a problem with it. He went on to work, I talked with a couple of others and they moved out in their directions for the day, I finished my coffee and I departed also and came home. I parked my Hyundai in the garage and I am now driving my SUV again.

I also spent most of the morning updating my medication list, I always take a copy of an updated to the doctor when I go so they may update their records. I have all of the information in my phones but many doctors do not like for the phones being used during the visits. I can understand that.

My daughter in law just texted me to see how I am doing. I was impressed and thankful that she would do that. She is not a bad person and she is my son’s wife so I can appreciate that. There is a story there but I won’t go into it because it is not that important.

I have spent most of the morning watching videos on YouTube about photography techniques, some would think that is a dry subject but really it is very involved. If I did it professionally I would be smart with the techniques also and would make many portfolios.

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