A little bit of, this, that, and other

Today as I sit, I think about yesteryear, now that could be last year or 72 years ago. One would ask me if I am able to recall so much time, and I would reply, for the most part, yes I do remember the history. Now, most of it was good times, some are recalled secondhand. I believe I had a good life growing up, loved by those that mattered, and happy with the rest. I am the eldest of the cousins, but a title has no bearing on anything, so it is just an adjective without real meaning. Enough about the history of an antique person.

Today, a Tuesday, I was supposed to go and have lunch with some of the guys from my High School Class of 1966. We were to meet at a Bar B Que facility on Alabama Street at 11:00 AM. I did not go today. I was not feeling well enough to be driving down there. I was having issues, and I did not want to complicate the problems more than they were. I had to make an effort to gain control and not let an issue control me, so I have changed my food intake, and I will see where that will take me. So far, so good.

A few weeks ago I had my blinds (the vertical type), replaced with the (horizontal type) and I get so much light in here during the day. Before, I got some sun but nothing like now. I do not think it will affect my electric bill, but again it may, who knows the Government (like in New York City) may tax it heavily. The Mayor is taxing so much up there that so many are changing their locations to call home. They want to take all of our money and support the retirement funds of Government workers, I say let them pay their own retirement, I did, and I have no regrets. I believe the country that I know will become social and will no longer be democratic. It is so sad that it has come to this. Oh well, this is not a forum for me to cry about what is to be.

The sun looks welcome today, I am not sure, but I think it did rain a little this morning and was a little chilly afterward. The pollen has got me by the nose. Well, if I may say, at least I do not have the Headache that I’ve had in other cities that I lived.

It is funny, as I sit here writing this stuff as if it means something. I know it does not, nor would it to me. Now, a romantic story or some kind of romantic action drama would fill my glass. I enjoy the stories of wildlife (ha, I wrote wild-wife) I wonder where my brain was going with that. You know, and I know you do, we all have stories to tell, We all have an interest in which to gather content. I can’t wait to get out and gather photo content and come back and try and write about it. It is soon to come.

Today, now, the sun shines the light
I a few hours to light will merge into darkness
The evening will begin
The evening will leave
The morning will arrive
The morning is non-caring
With the morning we will have a Temperature change
Oh! Look the morning has turned to light
May the light bring along a great day.