Some fun memories

The last day of August this year will be 12 years since I stopped driving my truck and working as a lifestyle. The last day of August this year will also be 20 years and 4 months since I retired from the military of 20 years, 3 months. So much has happened during the last 20 years, wow! So much to remember and rejoice about. Upon my retirement from the military, I began a job for a Navy contract company Tracor Inc as an Electronic Technician. Due to contract bids with NAVSEA being lost, I eventually moved, again in August 1990, to Virginia Beach, Virginia as an Electronic Technician and was promoted to Electronic Engineer in 1991. While at Unidyne Corp I worked closely with NAVSEA on various commitments and again we became entangled with a contract renewal. I began preparing for another loss, so I was preparing to enter into the transportation fields as a driver and eventually an owner-operator. So, in August 1993, I relocated to Birmingham, Alabama to a transportation company Deaton, Inc., Where I was trained to drive and all of the do’s and don’t’s of over the road driving. I really enjoyed, even at times it was complicated by laws and heavy traffic. In in 1995, I leased a truck and became an owner-operator for another company in Knoxville, Tennessee at which I learned a different aspect of the field. Later due to a disagreement and expectation of the company I again relocated back to Birmingham, Alabama to my old company Deaton and bought a truck with them. The company later sold out to P&S Transportation and I relocated to the new company. I drove for them until August 2007. After leaving the transportation field I help with family medical problems. Medical problems never stopped for me even today. I do keep going and trying to do the best that I can. I do this for a hobby and not for rewards. Heck, I feel like I just gave the world my resume’.
Many times I miss the travels of my military career. I also miss the people and experiences of the rest of my working life. All fun times.
This brief is just a little story about me and a celebration of some of my experiences in life.

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