I walk into the dark

I walk into the dark following ST John 17-21 of the KJB.  I hope to rest tonight.  The morning of Sunday past I decided that I will forego the morning breakfast into the future.  I will read the directions before I cook and will eat here at home.  I will miss my friends, but I have more pressing obligations to myself which need attention.  I need to get control back and maintain it more each day..

I walk into the dark for rest and comfort, in hopes to walk again into the dark and light of future days.

Some fun memories

The last day of August this year will be 12 years since I stopped driving my truck and working as a lifestyle. The last day of August this year will also be 20 years and 4 months since I retired from the military of 20 years, 3 months. So much has happened during the last 20 years, wow! So much to remember and rejoice about. Upon my retirement from the military, I began a job for a Navy contract company Tracor Inc as an Electronic Technician. Due to contract bids with NAVSEA being lost, I eventually moved, again in August 1990, to Virginia Beach, Virginia as an Electronic Technician and was promoted to Electronic Engineer in 1991. While at Unidyne Corp I worked closely with NAVSEA on various commitments and again we became entangled with a contract renewal. I began preparing for another loss, so I was preparing to enter into the transportation fields as a driver and eventually an owner-operator. So, in August 1993, I relocated to Birmingham, Alabama to a transportation company Deaton, Inc., Where I was trained to drive and all of the do’s and don’t’s of over the road driving. I really enjoyed, even at times it was complicated by laws and heavy traffic. In in 1995, I leased a truck and became an owner-operator for another company in Knoxville, Tennessee at which I learned a different aspect of the field. Later due to a disagreement and expectation of the company I again relocated back to Birmingham, Alabama to my old company Deaton and bought a truck with them. The company later sold out to P&S Transportation and I relocated to the new company. I drove for them until August 2007. After leaving the transportation field I help with family medical problems. Medical problems never stopped for me even today. I do keep going and trying to do the best that I can. I do this for a hobby and not for rewards. Heck, I feel like I just gave the world my resume’.
Many times I miss the travels of my military career. I also miss the people and experiences of the rest of my working life. All fun times.
This brief is just a little story about me and a celebration of some of my experiences in life.

My plans! Happy Bird

Today, I approach with caution because I never plan in advance, therefore, I can accept what might happen to change my plans. Think about this way, if I plan ahead and something goes wrong then all of my eagerness will be wasted on a failed event in time that I could have concentrated in another direction and the end results happier.
Let me submit an example of a knew it all: Now I have eaten a certain sandwich for breakfast more than once, so I go into the freezer and remove one of the sandwiches, frozen, from the box and tend to know what I think I know, so I remove the sandwich from the wrapper and place it in the microwave. Now there is a process to do this correctly. I press the time in of 50 seconds, of course when I removed it the egg was cold, the sausage was cold, the bread not fully warmed, and the cheese had started to melt. I double check the directions which I knew from the heart, I was supposed to defrost for 50 seconds prior to cooking it, so I place it back in and for another 50 seconds I cook it and it did turn out OK so I ate it. I never profess to be a cook, but normally i can prepare to my liking. Reading directions before when I am guessing is not a good suit of mine.
I am sitting at my desk and I listen to a wonderful sound, Happy Bird is back singing for his mate, be it last years or a new one, for the sake of me, I do not know how birds figure it all out. I guess bird marriage is a bit different than people marriage. I would think that with all of the travel and raising young birds at each location, and no one writing to each other to say hello mom, dad, or little brother will see you next spring. I am sure that they have pride and love for each other, well bird love. The life of the wild and free can also be very dangerous I am sure.


Finishing the routines

Just before bed I will be finishing my routines for the day, I hope to sleep the night away and wake in the morning with viger ready to go.  I have already put the TV and the other computer to sleep and I am doing some finishing touches on this one before it goes to sleep.