Leaving the Waffle House

This morning as I was leaving the Waffle House I saw this moth resting at the door as if it was desiring some food.

A reset of my circadian clock

In giving thought to a day being disrupted by events.  I ask if maybe an adjustment could be possible.  So I am considering an adjustment to my day by unplugging all clocks, remove all watches, and just relax.  I believe that my circadian clock is out of time with the realization of my life.  lol. Maybe with this action, I can sleep.

The morning is still dark

After rising at 3:55 AM I have come to realize that going to be bed tired and worn down is no different than a normal day of activity.  A trained light sleeper is just that, trained to go to bed and wake at specific times and live with it each day.  I am not tired now, the body is with pain spots now as it will be later and most of the day.  I am not complaining because it would do no good for me to do so.  I am thankful that my GOD has allowed me to again wake and to continue my celebration of life as I do, with or without pain or interference from disorders that I can not fix.

The morning is still dark and I am again up and moving around.