Lost all alone

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Lost all alone
You go out into the forest and take in the freedom and beauty of the surrounding area,  It is time to start back and you discover since you did not mark you trail you are now lost and not able to navigate your way back to your car.  The question is do you have any idea which way you came?  Did you come from the North, East, South or the West?  If you do not know then you for sure know that you are helplessly lost in the forest and the dark of the night is not far away.  What are you going to do for your safety?  Try your trust cell “Smart” phone,  an, it is not so smart after-all, GPS is blind as to where you are right now, oh, I see you did not bring your GPS device, they are different than your “Smart” phone as you know.  They will work with a cell signal.  Yep, you are lost so what are you going to do?

If on a trail, I think I would backtrack while I had some daylight and at least make an attempt.  You just may run into some others out there that know what you do not.  Trust me you do not want to be stuck in the forest unless you intended to be and therefore, prepared yourself for the stay.  I would say follow the North Star but that could take you into another world.  Your goal is to get back to your vehicle and get home.

I am sorry to say I can not help you here, a North oriented map would be nice and very helpful now but of course, you did not bring it with you.

You are lost and all alone.

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