Had some visitors today

I may seem crule when I say this and I do not mean it that way.  This afternoon while I was trying to ear two men came by the appartments and of course knocked on my door and asked a couple of personal questions about my belief activities.  We have a gated comples here and I do not know how they got in and why someone would let them in not knowing who they are or what they are doing.  Anyway, they were not selling anything but wanted to discuss the New Testment and I was dumb enought to let them in and it took 40 minutes before they left.  They were not local and I told them my status and how I felt in my belief.  I know that it is a teaching to go out and visit people.

It is not that is was not good information, but let me do it myway.

It’s Saturday night, the dark has arrived

It’s Saturday night, the dark has arrived and fear-not sleep will soon entertain.  I hope to sleep with the help of no pills tonight.  I slept on the bed last night and did very well with it, even with a goofy day earlier.  I have been much better today and I hope it continues.  I think it will be ok, it was a fluke from something.

Feeling goofy 3

As I was feeling goofy yesterday, I feel much better today.  I have done a few things different but overall things are good.  I am not sure what is caused it but something did.  I keep the same routines each day except when I go to a doctor and other things happen that mess my routines completely up.