I read and thought through St John 18-20

I did as I often do read KJB and received some wisdom. Trust me when I say I have always been a believer and I have only come to be in study as I have. I enjoy it more than in the past life. So anyway I now often read and try to understand. It is private to me unless someone triggers the conversation. Each to their GOD.

Feeling goofy 2

Today I sit in the recliner for a long period of time resting, thinking, and worrying as what was wrong. I considered the ER visit but they will test and have no answer. I got to feeling better about 4 PM so I did my routine and ate something. I am now about to go to sleep, well maybe. Tomorrow a follow-up.

It’s Friday again

It is a yellow Friday around here, both of my vehicles are white normally but today they are yellow from pollen.  The bees, I don’t think they have even returned back here yet to go to work and use their magic to pollinate as they normally do in the spring.  I am going to say this and as many know I normally complain about it, but where is the rain when you need it.  I could go to the car wash but that would be a waste of money to wash a pollinated car.

It’s Friday again and I am still off for a seven day weekend.  I love those seven day weekends with pay and benefits.