The dark has assumed the light

This hour of dark has moved in at a good pace so we can say the dark has assumed the light.  I’ve heard that the light is in the dark but the dark is not in the light.  The word and the light are in man.  The temperature has reached 70 degrees tonight, the pollen has taken over the vehicles and lots.  I hope that sleep will let me rest tonight.

The dark has assumed the light for tonight.

I hear a bell

  • As I sit here, my right eye feels rugged
  • The eye is not hurting but rugged
  • The dilate has surpassed, vision is clearing
  • I keep it full of tears while staying inside
  • If I was out in the pollen, I would fear
  • I look at my vehicles and others and I fear
  • I shall drop a pain pill or two later which
  • Shall comfort me during the night
  • I hear a bell, ding dong, ding dong
  • Oh, what might that be?
  • I think it might be time
  • I have time galore, I wear two watches
  • Watches they say are smart, then I ask
  • How much smart is needed to tell time?
  • I hear a bell, ding dong.

WOW, that is all I can say

I am back from getting the shot in the eye.  He did tell me that I probably would not need one next time.  He said that it all looks good in the eye and to come back in 3 months.  I hope this is readable as I can’t see.  The eyes are dilated and the right eye is num and in recovery also dilated.