My white board

Back when I was doing all of the cleaning, I found my white board that I can put notes on with a liquid marker and erase when I am ready.  I have had it for a long time and I ran accross it so I thought I would put it back to work for me.  I do not use it much but sometime I need to notate a reminder, a number, or a word.  I can also use it in my photos by adjusting the cameras to a white setting before I begin to use them in a production item or what ever.  Many uses.

It will soon be bed time

It will soon be bed time, I have to figure out if I am sleeping in a bed or in the recliner.  I also have to cool the apartment down a bit so I can sleep.  I have being uncomfortable and can’t sleep but laying there trying to by tossing and a turning.  I may drink something cold which will also help me adjust to the situation.  Yep, it will soon be bed time.

I now have my DVD player working

I went to the other computer and did something and the DVD player began to work.  I hope that tomorrow I can make it work again, I have only about 300 DVDs that I want to play before I decide to give them away.  I do not think my VHS tapes are any good.  I believe they grew together and will no longer play on anything.  I will have to play with them for a while and see if the will work before I buy another player for them.  I have one here that I believe will work if the tapes are good.  Will see.  Of course now, I will not be doing much once I get back from the eye works.  Waiting for them to become normal again.  You will know when I am normal I will be on here for a few writes.