The dark is now here

The dark is now here, I look for light, I see none. so I ask where is the light?

KJB ST John ch 1, 4-5

4. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

5. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness compreended it not.

I may take a couple of laps

I may take a couple of laps in the King James before bed.  Maybe I can find some answers that I may need for my betterment in my life.  I need to do some studing because I have been slack for a few days.  It may be a reason for me to be down a little.

I may take a couple of laps in the KJB.

Tonight ugg

I feel an ugg tonight when it comes sleeping.  Why do I say that?  Well, I can’t find an urge to go to sleep.  I am not tired nor I am not sleep right now.  I think I will try and cool the apartment a bit and maybe I will get sleepy.  I did have fun today, but that does not lead to sleep. I have not eaten any sweets, which also does not lead to sleep.  I have been fairly active but still not enough to make me tired.

Tonight ugg

A few more

I am going to use some time to air a view.  I have been watching some guys building models RC aircraft from foam.  Of for the video effect they act silly but in real life they are very smart.  It reminds me of the motorcycle builder a few years ago and how they acted on-screen but they were able to build over $100K motorcycles.  They do actually fly what they make during the show.  It is hard for a person, inexperienced to understand what they are doing.  They are having fun but I for sure am not.

The lunch

I met members of my 1966 class at an Italian place downtown.  They did most of the talking as I do not really have any current events of our members or recall a lot of what happen back in 1966.  We had fun being together today.  I will do it as often as I can based on the doctors etc.  We went Italian and ate American, Hamburger Steak and fries, well I did and so did one of the other guys.

A  follow-up to a previous post.