Why do I

I ask myself often, because it keeps happening, “why do I keep doing it”.  Ok, so what is it?  I shave, then I let it grow out, I use clippers so I can shave it again.  I do not know if I am lazy or just weird, but I know that I am not the only one that does it.  I also know that I have a few spots where it is hard to shave because of, maybe a mole or some other external growth.  When I do shave my face feels so much better.  My facial hairs grow out and curl on me causing aggravation.  Well tonight I removed the fur from my face once again and I will be working hard to improve my habit for a better look and a better me.

I posted earlier that I was no longer using sugar or sugar related products.  I believe that if I can maintain these two habits and maybe add to them later, I will feel so much better and just maybe do more things that I want.

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