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Discouraging words

I was texting a friend this evening and I was told about a few changes that may take place on April 2.  I am said that should they happen as I was told, I will be no longer going to the Waffle House that I go to each day.  It would be a good thing, but at the same time a sad thing.  I guess we will see what happens in about two weeks.  It is a long story and hard to explain so I will just let it be as it may be.  By eating here at home I can save many $s and eat the same kind of food which also would be to my liking.

I am not the best cook, but I have the equipment to cook good and tasty food for myself.

The dark appears before me

The daylight has dissipated, the rain shall be off and on, and the dark appears before me.  The sleep routine awaits my visit to a bed and not a recliner.  I plan to try to use the bed, but in case it does not work the recliner is prepared and ready for my visit.  Today has been a day of a new beginning.  It sounds good and I hope it will last for a while the intent in promising.  I have only one problem right now and that is I am not tired so an attempt to sleep anywhere will result in a toss n turning episode.

The dark appears before me.

The apartment

Now that I have more room in the apartment and have found my desk, dining table, and the end/room table I feel like I have been missing so much over the years past.  A new life for a new me.  I know it is late in time for me, but I have to try to be happy for the time ahead.  It has been a job, adventure, and educational at best as I have found things that I have not seen in ages.  I have gotten rid of things that I do not know why I still have them.  A new life so late in life.