The dark has arrived

  • The dark has arrived
  • Sleep is around the bend
  • Maybe a dream or two
  • I have one doctor this week
  • I will see more later
  • My routines continue
  • Playtime was yesterday
  • Life is the future
  • The dark has arrived
  • I hope to live my dream.

I am waiting …

I am waiting for the reading of the Special Council’s report.  I know that the whole process is a waste of time and money.  The end results is to attempt an impeachment process against the President.  I do not think anyone has a valid reason for such action but the talk is heavy and the threat is very vocal.  They Democrats have been using that word for two years now and will be talking it for the next two years or maybe even longer should he gets reelected for four more years.  Jealousy is the whole background of their actions and talk.  We will see.

I said no, follow-up

I said no

As I said earlier that I have been saying no to going to the Waffle House in the morning on Sundays.  Well I woke up, early, and I decided to go ahead and go down this morning for breakfast.  It was not that I really wanted to, but I did need to air my head a bit and get some junk out of it.  I had coffee and an egg sandwich.  Two of the regulars showed up and we talked a bit, they left and I came back home.

So even if I say no, situations can be changed and the no will turn into a yes.