Two down a few to go

A while back I placed one of my computers in the shop for some upgrades and repairs, $450.00.  During that time frame I purchased a referbished desktop from the same shop, $680.00.  Today I tried to run a movie and I was not able to play them due to the programs that had been changed on the computers.  I am, of course, upset about that.  I may take them both back to the shop on Monday.

Now back to the goals of today, two rooms down, two to go.  I did find a desk when I removed a bunch of wires and things that I have not used in some time.  I also placed a number of appliances in the china cabinet.  They fit perfect, I also chentralized all of my extra medical supplies.  I can draw from that box as I need them.

I did not realize that Roku would play without a computer.  It works great so I also now have my movies and other items.  I can use my computer here for my social medias and YouTube.  I have found a lot of room and much more to come.

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