The call of doom

A while ago I received the call of doom, of course I knew it was coming and I understand the situation ahead.  I will go for my colonoscopy and EDG April 15, time unknown.  If they wait till the last minute they will have to postpone because I can not arrange a ride if they can’t tell me when.  I will be done with the crazy stuff when this is over for a while.  Maybe then my nerves will relax and I can get another thing completed and then move forward with my life.

The call of doom has landed for a doomsville event of the future.

The time has come

I think today is the day that I will complete my cleaning and stowage issues.  I have the containers now and plenty of time, I even feel like it.  So I have now decided at 1:00 PM I shall begin to pack the boxes with my hoards and stack them neatly some place out-of-the-way and will only visit them when I have a need to retrieve something of which I do not know where it is at.  Eventually I want to hoard any paper items on a cloud or disk, but I know that will be a time-consuming event that I am in no hurry to pursue.

The time has come.

The sleep that was delayed

I finally went to the Fridge and found some fruit product that looked good at the time.  I ate a couple of slices of it and I guess the cold began to work with the melatomin caused me to become sleepy.  I do not know for sure, but I went to sleep and sleep all night without issues.  I am fully rested and aggressive.