Supplies to work my project

I broke down today and went over to Home Depot and bought some items for my storage project here at the appartment.  It is funny, I bought a storage Rubbermaid box for $129.00 and they had some almost as good for $17.  All of the items I purchased today was about half of what it was when I purchased the Rubbermaid box.  The boxes purchased today also have more capacoty than the Rubbermaid.  The oman is to shope around befour your purchase something.

It is already Friday

I just realized that in less that an hour it will be Friday morning.  I have not had a week this bad in sometime.  Yes, I did have some luck today, I did not receive a ticket when I should have received one.  I did figure the Gastroenterologists would have called me today to make an appointment for the colonoscopy and the EDG.  I never received a call or anything.  Maybe tomorrow.

Sleep or the lack of

I was prepared for sleep, I tried to get myself there, but I was not able to sleep when I laid down.  I am not sure why I have a problem tonight, well maybe too much practice earlier today.  Again it could be the movie that I watched, “Lonesome Dove”,  all four parts of it.

I will be trying to get back to sleep shortly so I will try to see if I can fix my problem.  I did take the 10 mg melatonin plus two O/c pain pills from Dollar General.  Ok, now I will try and make a few more comments and back to sleep or wake.

A lucky day

The morning dropped by and I went to eat my normal “meal”,  At about 11:00 AM I went to check the mail and I had received a small package of medications.  I went by the office for a minute and as I was leaving I decided to go and pick up some Diet Cokes, a mistake as it turned out.  On the way to the store, I came upon a crossroad at which were four police officers.  They were checking the driver licenses.  I said I do not have them with me they are in my jacket.  He said no problem, he asked what military branch I was in and I told him, he was a Marine.  He then checked my tag and said all is good to go on and I did.  I got the drinks and returned home.  I could have received a ticket.

A lucky day for me today.