Missing in action

Today as the weather has changed to a bright sunny day, however, the temperature lacks the change to correspond to the brightness of a sunny day. I realize that the day is young yet and I did not get up until 10:15 AM today. I could not justify waking up early when I had made the decision to stay in today and not go eat with the normal group as I do during the week. They may show up or they may not, one never knows who will be there. This also bothers me when I drive the 15 miles to get there and no one shows up. I do not take it personally, but I tend to feel bad when it happens.
The afternoon is nowhere, and I have one TV/computer on You-Tube, and I am here on my main computer system. Earlier my sister phoned, and we talked about an hour. She is trying to retire from her job of 40 years. I hope she will do well; she has the possibility of some disabilities of which she should receive compensation. I wish her the best of luck in doing what she has in mind. She said that her supervisors are wanting her to stay. I told her to have them make some proposals which might benefit her in a decision to stay.
I have started a grocery list for home delivery. I have not submitted it yet. Maybe later today I will send it in and let them bring it out to the apartment. I am not in need right now, however, I do not want to get low on my supplies and then need to wait for another order to deliver.
I have some more cleaning to do and will likely be doing that shortly. I do want to finish up today most of it. I have the routines that I need to follow daily and some doctor visits during the week. It is on Wednesday at 8 AM.
I have been missing in action lately. It bothers me to miss writing something or trying to anyway. I have gotten used to it and I enjoy it.

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