Some ways to organize

Ways to organize
This is a project that I am about to take on, I will share the ways that work for me and should work for others as well.
Ways to organize your movie collection:
Ways to organize your music collection:
Ways to organize your financials:
Ways to organize your photos:
Ways to organize your properties:
Ways to organize your records, taxes, medical, etc.:
Ways to plan your vacation:
Ways to plan your meals:

A good way to organize your movie collection is to use EXCEL or some similar program and record the title, type (Drama, Western etc.), and maybe a star. If you have a lot of them which contain the movie is located.
The same organization as above can be used for music like CDs, Records, etc.
EXCEL is great for the financial organization or so is
Adobe has a great program for photos. You can category them, file them, and make presentations of them if you so desired to do so.
Your properties, autos, boats, furniture, and many other items owned by you. If you take photos of them the Adobe would be great, otherwise, EXCEL would do wonders also
Your tax records, property records, medical records and so forth you would want to keep the originals in a safe deposit box. Make copies of them and store in a file in a cloud that you use.
To plan a vacation, set aside a budget each payday toward it. Get estimates of the cost, figure out how much you would like to limit the spending and compile a total, set a date of travel and do the math. You must be dedicated to the budget.
To plan meals for the day or the week, write each meal down for each day and prepare it per the schedule.
These are some of the things that I try to do, sometimes they work and sometimes they do not. Human nature