The current updates

The rain has come and is on the out. The temperatures will vary for the next few days.
The cleaning and getting rid of things that I do not understand why I even have them continues. I ordered me another Rubbermaid container to stow stuff that I have a use for but mainly as an organized way of storing it. I do not like boxes because they can bring in critters, the containers are not likely to do that.
I have been having problems with my lower back, so that has caused me to move slowly. I am working on taking some of the stress of my lower back out of my life. When I talk with other persons of my age during the morning hours, I hear them talk about things which I can relate to when it comes to pains. I guess it is a common thing in the life of elder generations.

A day of despair

I come forward as an American to say that today is a day of despair. I am not of understanding of Mausoleum and the Muslim religion; however, I do believe that as a people we have a right to practice our faiths in safety. When someone advertises their intentions to do harm to another on the internet, I believe that they should be no mercy for that individual(s). I am sending my prayers on behalf of those harmed for no reason other than believing in something of a higher power.