Good afternoon

Good afternoon

I look out and it is gloomy, does that mean rain or shine?  I have no answer for that right now.  Saturday and Sunday it was in the 70° range.  Now, today it is in the high 50° range.  I keep my lights out most of the time unless I am hunting something or doing something that I cannot do in the dark.  Why do I like dark? I just do not like high electric bills.


The complex maintenance people are supposed to come by today and check a couple of jobs that I have requested which are needed.  He may show or he may not but in either case, I will be here in my dark space, training for the next step.

This is the only one

Of all my sites this is the best and the only one that I receive likes or comments for what I may write.  I can’t even get the others to post like this one does.  For some reason, they were all tied together and they will not function as individual sites.  During the setup, I noticed so many things once done could not be changed.  I think that may be the problem.  I will try and do a little with the other sites but do more with this site.

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