Your mind

Your mind is the controller of your feelings.  By your believing that your pain is not physical and it is just a fundamental disturbance of the energy produced by your mind and when disturbed by action is a disruption of its normality.  The body is reproducing constantly and with a concentration and relaxation the energy will soon become normal again and the pain will go away.

Now is this true?  I know that times I do not give in to pain, it will go away,  so is the because I have faith and changed my energy produced by my mind?  I have to assume that it is, at least in my case.

You have to be careful, regardless, because some pains are not to be put off until another day.  I am not a true believer of Faith Healing, Witch Doctors, etc. mainly because a person can believe and still have some hesitation, therefore, it may not work

Train your mind to understand your mind.  The mind will not betray you, but you have to trust it in what it is telling you.

A future of man

Today I would like to think in a different way, we can call it technology, AI, Robotics, or advantageous understanding or the future of man. I have been watching some histories, facts, and understandings of the subject on YouTube. It is heavy thinking.
The Japanese have assembled robots that can reason, be sexually active, and answer questions asked them by a human. The answers will be correct. One show was about the use of the abilities in technology to build body parts that can fully replace those that we currently have in the body. They showed one girl robot and stated that she is the most beautiful in the world. I question the use of a pill and how it knows where the pain is located, or which body part it is supposed to be taking care of. We have the knowledge to build test tube babies then why not repair parts?
It was also presented that Google, China, and the Clouds currently have information about us on file better understand us better than we do. I can believe much of that; our medical records are in a Cloud or Data Base file somewhere. We have no secrets if we use any electronic equipment in our lives, we talk to friends and family on phones and the internet, it is now a file, Google and Microsoft control that information. Our banking records are a file on the internet, available to us, but supports the needs of the Governments. To business, Government, and Credit agencies we are a number first, a name (a human) next, and then maybe an owner last, again a record of the internet and clouds. It is your life and you must submit a request to get a copy of it, that is if they want you to have it.
I do not know the answers, but I do see it as a future of man. I know we have the knowledge to build functional body parts, to do better medically to help people who are ill. If we can build cars that can drive themselves, trucks and planes also, we can do wonders if we would put the efforts in doing just that.