A mission for tomorrow

I would do it right now but my lighting is up to par for a video or still shot.  What I want to do is take some clips of me in my western outfit.  I may include my $1000 hat.  I will post it online via this site and maybe even FB.  When I do I hope you will drop some smiles my way.

I study again

I gave study tonight of King James, St John 12-16.

The chapters are strong, a lot for one person to live such an event.  I realize why he did it, I am saying that it is powerful.

I am about to enter into the dark and take a journey into the past, the past because this week the Star Ship can’t be here due to some mission or prior order.  I again understand the life of membership in a Star Ship.


I am hearing more and more about the young socialist members of the House of Representatives causing hate and miss understandings within the House. It is a shame that they talk about the Jews in a negative manner, and the “Old white man” talk. America is a Republic of free people with many rights under law and GOD.
Now that I have lost my calmness and criticized others for their actions. I am not back relaxed and ready to continue the day in good mind. Some people (kin to me) asked how I am doing, my response was, “as well as the doctors will let me be”. I do not think there many more pills produced that I do not take, I take things like eye drops, bunches of pills/caps, and so for no liquid products. I am of age which I must have a different doctor’s permission before I can have a procedure. The funny thing is I need permission from a doctor that I do not see or have visits with. Yes, I do have a record here at the office, however, the doctor that I talked to and thought was my doctor left the practice and that was three years ago. Oh well, guess their office needs money.
What are my plans for today? Currently, I hope to work on some more post contents, maybe to order some grocery products, and to maybe learn something new. I am a believer that one should dream big, build big, and be the best that they can be. Why dream small when you can do better.

My today

I have entered the day exuberantly frisky, if you see me on the street I am the one with a smile.  I told a lady this morning that I was being nice today, she asked: why? What is the occasion? I responded it is a day like a mother’s day, it is “International Women’s Day”, so I have decided to be exuberant about what I say or do.  She asked if I was sick. lol.

My today, I will not waste it.