Tonight I study

Tonight I studied the King James, St John 9 through 11.  Good inspiration for my day.

A little story of an old man

I had a concern about my watch Gear 3 that supports my two phones. Well, I, of course, forgot that the watch within itself is a computer as is  Note 9 or the 7prime phone. I put it on my right wrist because I noticed it kept waking up then going back to watch heaven. Finally, I received a note that it was uploading. WOW, what a relief that was. It completely woke up and is now back being the awesome watch that it has been. As soon as it woke up it connected with Note 9 and we are all happy now. The Gear 3 is connected to the 7 Prime. It will also work with Note 9 and when I first got the Note 9 it would ring and both phones would also.
I sat in my recliner most of the morning and I was asleep more than I was awake. I think that is an Old Person thing, I do not know for sure. My issues could be a body for the future doctors of America to investigate and understand. They can’t have me just yet, most likely never.
The weather has turned back to a moderately good. I guess because we turn our clocks back to sometime this Sunday at 2:00 AM. I have just gotten used to the current time and now we must revert to another time. We move at warp time trying to confuse Nature. Nature, she will not let a man mess it all up.
I am looking online for either another treadmill or stationary bike. I am asking myself why, because I still have a gym membership about a mile from me, plus the apartment complex has a small one in the back of the office that is free. I am not sure if I am really wanting to start that again or now. I have to start something to kind of get myself and my condition back in a better form. It is a thought that I am looking at. They tell me to exercise often but as I tell them I do not have a body like they think I should have. I know I can do better, I’ve just got to do it.
Yes, I have so many dreams and I never react to them and take them seriously. I could do wonders only if I make the effort. I am eating I guess better now that I once was, I, of course, am not eating as I grew up eating meat and potatoes with beans and corn, etc. But I am getting along now fending for myself and trying to have some independence and self-respect. I think for the most part I am there, and I do enjoy what I do and I want to do so much more and I can’t make myself venture out and do it.
A little story from an old man, alone, and caring.

A sad day

Today has been so sad

My watch that goes with my phone has died.  I can not get the face to light up.  I was able to get the back side to light up for a while, but it all seems to be out to lunch now.  This my Gear 3 watch used with my Note 9.  The charger says it is charged but I am not sure anymore.

My Fossil is working

My original watch is working well, it connects with the Galicy 7 Prime, It should connect with Note 9 also at least it used to.  More headaches for my pea brain.  I will figure it all out sometime today.