Amazon made it

My Amazon orders delivered

Tonight at about 8:55PM I heard a commotion at my door and I went to check it out and the lady doing the delivery was there with my package from last night.  I had already received two packages, to be delivered next week, earlier today.  My order of four packages is now complete.

What is next

I am preparing for bed right now, however, I am not really sleepy thanks to my chair a few hours ago.  I will schedule the sleep for a bit later.  I am actually relieved with my order having been received.

My filing system

My way to file

When I am faced with a lot of papers to file be they bills, articles or whatever I am an abecedarian filer.  I sometimes will take a file, say the B file and break it down into an abecedarian system as well.  Yes, it can get redundant but I guess it could be broken down into an abecedarian/numerical system.  Either would work if used consistently.