A wait, and for what?


I have an order to be delivered today before 9:00PM.  Yes, my apartment complex is gated but when you have directions on how to open the gate and do not use them then I have wasted a day and you have betrayed Amazon’s delivery.  I think they should go back to UPS or FedEx for delivery or USPS.  The reason for a wait, and for what?

The weather

The weather has turned cold, rainless, and even kinda warm during later day time.  It could be worse so I will take it.  Go Weather Go!


I feel as though

It is morning and I feel as though

As I woke this morning the first time at 4:45AM, I moved from the recliner to the bed.  I woke late at 5:50AM and had to make my routines, get ready, and then travel to eat.  I was running so late this morning.  I actually felt like I had been run over by a Leviathan.  Yesterday, I felt exuberantly frisky and today a blah feeling.

A day of noise

Today must be the yard people’s day.  They make so much noise cutting grass, trimming bushes and blowing the payments.  They just keep on and keep on.  But they have a job to do and at least they do work regardless of what I or we must think of them.


I feel as though – no worries it will get better.