As the evening fades

As the evening fades

I shall enter into the blackout society associated with dreams and tossing and turning.  I think it might be resting world with random results of resting. I have prepared for the travel with all reservations in tack.

Events following evening and early morning

I hope to wake in a state of being exuberantly frisky or feisty.  I did this morning but as time went on it deteriorated a bit.  I again plan on the travel to eat and return back home.  I do not know why I do this other than associating with other persons.

How many is enough?

Blogs by the bucket

I have noticed that I am running over with blogs, not receiving them, having a platform to publish them.  I am not going to change any of them.  Most are WP and I know that they are going nowhere.  I have two with Typepad, one with Bloggers, and at least three with WP maybe more.  It is not that I am a good writer as I am not.  I began with Bloggers, then added Typepad, then to WP.  It is plenty of practice, I should be getting better.  I do not know if I am or not, but anyway, nothing will change I will keep on doing what I do and when I do.

Email addresses by the truck load

I also noticed this morning that I have at least six active emails, I think I may have one at Yahoo but I am not sure if it is still active or now.  Then Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some of the others that I do not use often enough to know their names.  Heck, I hardly know my name most of the time.  I broke down and joined AWAI, American Writers & Artists, Inc. yesterday.  Why?  Well, they lowered the fee lower enough that I said why not try it.  What will I do with it?  I have no idea.  I need a lot of luck wishes on this endeavor.

The question

So I ask how many is enough?