Why am I wearing headphones?

Why am I wearing headphones?

To be honest I have no idea.  I do know that I kept getting hung up in the connection and they were driving me nuts.  I am not wearing them now.

How do I use headphones?

I was considering to play with the cameras and try and record a video for some reason.  We all know I am so not good at that.  I sound worse than a broken record.

I was considering a recording me and exercise.

Now that would be so funny.  I could be comic of the year, heck I might could even run for some office in the government.  No way, I could not pass the stress test to be that stupid.

So now why did I put them on?

I think I was going to listen to some video from WordPress.  That is a good reason.  The thought ran thru my mind to also maybe do some King James as I was on here.  Again I am no longer wearing them because I kept getting caught up in the cord.

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