My brain became popular

My brain has a problem 

I authored a post about my brain blowing a fuse yesterday.  I am happy that such a small pea brain that I have is becoming a star among the vox populi.  It has, if I might say, been a good little brain and a good controller of the body that I own.  The thought process that it produces at times will challenge the mind but we have survived for many years together and I would not trade it in for a bionic brain for sure.  But for sure, I can say it does have its days when it acts up as yesterday when the fuse was blown and nothing was going right.]

So, the omen to the post is if you have a sweet and good brain, take care of it.  It is like a good heart and it needs understanding and love just like your best friend or the other life that you take care of so well.

My brain became popular.

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