Another one

Another one was born a few days ago:  WP via Bluehost. so if you get bored and nothing better to do check it out.  I am still trying to make it as good as this site has been and will I continue to be.  I, so far, see a lot more action from the new one, so I have to get my stuff in one sock and make it work out right.  It is much the same  but different at best.

My plans are to go no where, just trying to open more doors for my mental expansion into the cyber world.  Thank you all for being so nice and there to listen when I needed to think out in type.

My brain became popular

My brain has a problem 

I authored a post about my brain blowing a fuse yesterday.  I am happy that such a small pea brain that I have is becoming a star among the vox populi.  It has, if I might say, been a good little brain and a good controller of the body that I own.  The thought process that it produces at times will challenge the mind but we have survived for many years together and I would not trade it in for a bionic brain for sure.  But for sure, I can say it does have its days when it acts up as yesterday when the fuse was blown and nothing was going right.]

So, the omen to the post is if you have a sweet and good brain, take care of it.  It is like a good heart and it needs understanding and love just like your best friend or the other life that you take care of so well.

My brain became popular.