My brain has a problem

My brain has a problem.

No, it is not broken or unable to function as a brain.  I know that I am not the most brilliant mind when it comes to computers and many other things, but I do pride myself with some smarts and experiences of the past.  Lately, I find that I question my ability and I feel a bit gormless.  Why would I feel this way?  Well, technology has surpassed my past experiences and I am having to hit and miss sometimes to see what will happen.  I am sad to say my poor little brain has blown a fuse somewhere within the circuits.

For what am I using my brain?

Working on setting up a WP site and Bluehost hosting connection also.  Someone added Google Tracking in the steps also.  I am now backtracking trying to clean up my missteps.  But I am sure of one thing I will overcome, adapt, and complete the task.\

My brain has a problem.

No, it is the operator and the interpretation of what is being asked for input.  I need a three-year-old to help me.  Again I( may feel gormless but I know better than that.

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