It has been done

I have already washed all of the dishes and soiled clothes that I had for today.  I have no plans for tomorrow except to spend some time on here and that is mostly yet.

I may go to reader and catch up on some of the many friends that know that I exist.  I have a hard time getting to each  sometimes and I do not mean to be that way.  But, I also know that I have no excuse because many of you out there in cyber land have many more than I do and I know you have the same problems.  I will say hello in some form or another tomorrow.

The evening

The evening is fading in for the beginning of the dark period.  Fear not, the evening will move into the morning and life will go on.  I turned the AC on last evening at bedtime and of course, it did get cold outside and I had to turn it off and cover the old way.  For some reason, I am not sure I am ready for the struggle of resting tonight and to be alert for tomorrow.  One thing for sure I am done with food tonight and will soon be done with drinks also.  I just do not have a mood for it all.  So, I may bring myself over to the computer and make noise tonight.  We will see.

Wow, make my day

I have been watching YouTube videos about cameras and settings.  I am looking forward to learning more by hands on very soon.  I looked at my stats and almost did a back flip. lol, no not really, they would punch my time card of life and I would be getting bar-b-q’d by now.  I had my camera in my hand and was looking over realized that it is not all that hard.  The rain has finally left town and the sun is back out.  I do not know how long it will be gone.  I actually wish the rain would stay a while and the pollen would leave.

I am not sure that this is making any sense, probably not but I will now look at it to see if I need to unwind it a bit.  I adjusted a bit.