A comment, a good read

Today I viewed a post “Who’s in charge of YOU?”, I enjoyed reading the viewpoint.  I do believe much in the same way, often I forget who is in charge of me.  Maybe if many of us would sit and think out this question the world might be better off.  Thank you Bogdan (DM).


My view right now

  • I sit at my desk and the computer
  • I look around which is my view right now
  • I see no light, no light at all but my desk light so small
  • I ask, am I alone or alone am I?
  • The weather is calm, no birds to sing
  • No children at play and no vehicles on the move.
  • I sit at my desk and the computer
  • My view right now is no light, no light at all but my desk light so small
  • No noise, and no one talking, I am alone, it is my view right now.

I guess it was too much

Thinking back a while, I believe that I may have overstated my eye and all of my immediate problems at the time.  I am guilty of insecurities in my life.  If my overstating a subject was boredom I do apologize.  I have moved on, the eye is history, many other things is a history gone by.  The second site is not working out well for me, it will become history very soon.  I hope to be more colorful in the future, to be more articulate, and more artistic as well (if that is possible).  I hope to see you down the road, I can promise a smile and a hello.  I will promise no boustrophedon as that would for sure confuse me.


I can recall back in yesteryears how our family would gather and the women would cook a feast for dinner as we called it, it was actually lunch, and the aunts, uncles, and cousins would mingle.  Children were not allowed in adult conversations.  We all were blessed to be chockablock as a family.  Then in later years, we began to spread out due to job requirements, and many other reasons.  Death of Grandparents really broke our gathering up, we had no source of unity after that.  The chockablock moved to other centers of unity and the whole was broken. \

Families, remember, unity, and be blessed.