Update and opinion

To update the world about my surgery yesterday.  The doctor said today that all looked good and to schedule the drops in a certain timeframe.  Of course to conduct safety when cleaning the eye, no fingers, feet, or any other extremities.  I am now without the eye cover during the day, just wear it during sleep hours.  I am able to see for about 50 to 75% and I think it is progressive healing.

I do have another appointment with my doctor in three weeks, then one with one of her associate doctors.  He is the doctor that gives me a shot in the eye.  She thinks I may have to get the shot each of three months.  I really do not like that, maybe I do not understand it because he does not talk much about what is going on.  Guess I will see soon what it is all about.

If you are having problems seeing go see a doctor, many things can be fixed or made better.